Brian Anthony King

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Suitable for beginners and all levels

Investment and wealth education
Technical Analysis Education
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“When wealth realizes it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands, learn how simple education can help transform your life”

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Here is what our clients say about us


In a world where we are constantly inundated with information - most of which comes with bias - Brian’s work is truly one of a kind because it focuses purely on facts and data. Listening to Brian for 10 minutes on YouTube or reading his informative tweets is all I need to get an up to minute read on BTC and the general macro landscape. Everything Brian publishes always comes in a format and language that I can easily digest. Brian has a gift when it comes to technical analysis. He magically makes reading complex charts easy and simple to understand for anyone that doesn’t have a financial background. I have had the pleasure of following Brian’s work across his social media channels for 3 years. I trust Brian’s work implicitly and would wholeheartedly recommend Brian’s newsletter service to anyone that wants to learn about financial markets or simply improve their technical analysis skills like I did when I first came across Brian. He is all you need to separate the facts and actionable insights from the noise.


Brian has been an immense help for me learning charting, market structures and all things macros. Having dedicated himself to the study of the markets, it shines through in his simple, clean charts.
Very appreciative of Brian's input at the Nov 21 top that's for sure!!

Bryan Joyce

Brian introduced me to Bitcoin in 2018 when at that time I initially knew very little about the crypto sector. I was quite curious and interested to learn more, and following Brian’s initial consultations, he assisted me setting up my crypto exchange wallet, and my first crypto investment and a tailored strategy. He then advised and assisted me setting up my self custodial Ledger cold storage. His investment knowledge, chart reading skills together with his to the point straight talking and advice has fortunately got me in near market bottoms and out near market tops, he has my back you could say! I particularly enjoy following his YouTube tutorials and receiving his market updates, saving me a lot of time and avoiding the noise! I highly recommend Brian King

Bryan Joyce
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