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This service suits busy people who have no time to follow all the news, mum and dad investors who need an opinion on when BTC is close to an Intra year top and bottom

Something for Everyone

Education for new and existing investors, Bitcoin made simple.

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New Investors

We specialise in helping new investors get on their investment feet quickly. You have a choice: Spend years learning or a few hours via consultancy and talk to someone who has done it all before and made the mistakes for you. We educate you to do the simple things well, so you know exactly what to do over the months and years ahead. We keep it simple. Our strategy which we teach allows you to be invested and still have a normal life.

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Existing Investor

We also cater for existing investors who have failed to sell the tops and buy the bottoms of the last number of years due to a lack of awareness and education but through no personal fault of their own.

We can get you up to speed fast by educating you on simple investment cycles and helping you through an educational format to develop a plan that you can stick to when emotions are running high.

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Here is what our clients say about us

Niall H.


Many thanks Brian for a reassuring and guided introduction into the world of crypto. Your trusted guidance from the very start has already seen some pleasing gains in my portfolio. It is daunting committing personal finances in an online environment but your assistance with setting up trading accounts and trading strategies have made me more confident now preforming my own trades and making my own decisions. I appreciate your time and your opinions as always whenever called for day or night.

Martin M.


I have been in consultation with Brian for my cryptocurrency investments over the past twelve months
and would highly recommend him. Brian’s knowledge and expertise has proven trustworthy and
successful in relation to my decisions to purchase and I will continue to consult with him on my future investments

Josette C.


Even though I have been invested in mainstream markets for decades and cryptos since 2016, I have found Brian’s help invaluable from a macro perspective. Learning when to enter and exit big trades is the most valuable skill any trend trader can aspire to. And Brian has the knowledge, personal experience and resources, not to mention the intuition to direct others without giving financial advice.
I can highly recommend King’s Crypto Consultancy for beginners as well as more experienced investors.

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