About Brian King

Brian came to Australia 30 years ago with nothing in his pocket. He started as a brickies labourer and ended up with a multimillion-dollar civil communication business with contracts to some of ASX finest. At 44 I walked away from business. Family concerns and an accident that put me in a wheelchair led to a letting go of the single-minded pursuit of money. I took up Bikram Yoga to get me walking, meditated for 2 hours a day, and came back to earth. I have successfully built companies in the construction, fitness, and life coaching arenas. I invested in Bitcoin in June 2017 on intuition. I made the mistakes that I can help you avoid. It is not my job to persuade you to invest. That is your decision but if you have decided to invest then I can save you years of trial and error through just a few consultations. When you talk with me you get 20 years of hard-won business experience. My aim is to keep you safe from scams, teach you basic things to help you grow your portfolio and to make you aware of Bitcoins huge runs and drops.” I wish I had this service when I started. it would have saved me from so many mistakes and years of learning” Brian is also a trained Yoga teacher and Executive master life coach A happily married man and father to 3 beautiful children his great philosophy in life is to “keep it simple” . When you book a consultation you speak directly to Brian .

 “My aim is to keep you safe from scams, teach you basic things to help you grow your portfolio and to make you aware of Bitcoins huge runs and drops. I wish I had this service when I started. it would have saved me from so many mistakes and years of learning.”

Besides being a businessperson, I trained as a Yoga teacher and Executive master life coach.

I am no nonsense straight up.

I can save you years of learning in 2 hours consultation or less.

It is just that simple

Limited clients, I don’t carry staff, You talk directly to me.


Brian King

Crypto Consultant


This is a FREE service for new investors in crypto who want simplicity and understanding of the crypto market in plain language from someone who has been there and done that.

For existing investors who want to discuss all things crypto in a confidential manner including awareness and strategies around market volatility.

People who want to invest for years not weeks and learn to take profits along the way through educational consultancy which we provide

We educate around Bitcoin and Ethereum mainly

How not to lose your money to scammers?

How to buy and sell, most trusted exchanges.

How to transfer crypto safely and with the correct protocol

How to store and secure your investment

How to buy/ create a hard wallet and protect and store private keys

Back up plans, what to do if you lose your hard wallet.

Discussion and education around Intra year tops and bottoms “meat in pie “theory.

We cut through market volatility to spot the big trends and educate you to do the same

Discussion around putting Bitcoin in perspective financially and as a proportion of your total wealth and its potential to go to 1Million or Zero, taking personal responsibility for risk. 

Education around Ledger live integration.

Discussion on existing structure and security. Be aware if you lose your private keys your crypto investment is basically gone, think of them as the key to you bank deposit box

We cannot reverse engineer scams you have been taken in by, we help you avoid scams

OTC and secondary exchange backup/setup if the exchange goes down. 

Getting money onto exchanges at appropriate time to sell in time 

Entity investment awareness, Trust, Company, retirement, individual

Education on setting up a trading view account quickly and efficiently (live) so I can quickly show you how to set up simple charts and alerts  if that were your choice, we advise on where to learn Trading if you decide to push on

 Selling into USD and stable coins as opposed to cash which may weaken against USD

Storing stable coins in a private wallet as opposed to money in a bank 

Computer security

Education on various charts which you should be aware of and of Bitcoin halving and 4-year trends 

If you do not have a plan you are in my view setting yourself up for failure and a financial fall, I will help you develop a plan.

Education on API integration with Coin tracking App for tax purposes if required for multiple exchange application 

 Education around diversification of crypto investment strategy and size proportion if that were your wish. Education on the Altcoins and how you should treat them if at all,

References to the best crypto accountancy professionals we know. Accountants who are not crypto literate can have an adverse effect on record keeping.

Discussion on timing exits and entries to market with an awareness of your national tax year-end and having enough cash to pay tax on profits as opposed to “blindly reinvesting “ then asset goes down, no money to pay tax. 

Education on hands-off third-party options with insurance & quarterly & annual accountant friendly reports generated from the same. An approach where everything is professionally handled for you. 

How to handle daily Bitcoin volatility and how to develop emotional distance. 

You get to see our personal macro charts as a reference point and where we are in the cycle of BTC 

Family and friends. Why not to advise them