Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not engage me if you are a trader, blockchain techie or advanced in the space, it is not for you unless you want to simplify your lifestyle.

This service is for new investors in crypto who want simplicity and understanding of the crypto market in plain language from someone who been there and done that.

Also, for existing investors who want to simplify, who want to develop a plan and have complicated their investment for whatever reason

People who want to invest for years not weeks and learn to take profits along the way through educational consultancy which we provide

We educate around Bitcoin and Ethereum mainly

Education around Ledger live integration.

Discussion on existing structure and security. Be aware if you lose your private keys your crypto investment is basically gone, think of them as the key to you bank deposit box

We cannot reverse engineer scams you have been taken in by, we help you avoid scams. 

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“The content of Kings crypto Consultancy is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. The content is provided for educational purposes only, and not indicative of future performance. None of the following should be interpreted as investment advice. The tools used follow a predefined set of parameters and aren’t actively managed by KCC .”