For 69 USD / month subscribers receive the following. A weekly video with charts and commentary on the markets with special emphasis on Crypto, Nasdaq, metals, and stocks delivered to your inbox. The video allows you to see how I look at technical charts and gives time efficiency so you don’t have to sit down and read .  Commentary on central banking policy, key dates to have on your calendar ,  inflation, and currencies . The video goes out every Tuesday evening AEST by email. You will pick up lots of educational content just by watching. 

In addition, Subscribers will have access to the Educational Hub where you can pick and choose what they want to learn if at all. Topics included are Technical Analysis delivered in an informal way in an easy-to-understand no frills style. All videos are new and improved from previous ones. I add to the videos each week to form a Library. Special requests for certain stocks I will happily chart and discuss. 

In addition you get a 1-hour private consultation by Zoom to say hello and answer any questions you have 

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